mardi 27 janvier 2015

Secrets and lies: Gaddafi and the Labour Party

Secrets and lies: 
Gaddafi and the Labour Party
Special report by GA Ponsonby

Secret documents emerged recently to confirm details of how British intelligence agencies engaged in a series of joint operations with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s government. The revelations, made first in The Guardian newspaper, indicate the bizarre attitudes of Labour while in government in London and in opposition in Edinburgh. The party said one thing in opposition, and did the opposite – simultaneously – in government.

[...] The final sting in the tail came with the release of documents by the Coalition Government which had replaced Labour nine months earlier.  Hidden away in the communications was the name of the then Secretary of State for Scotland, Jim Murphy. The documents revealed that Labour MP Murphy knew about the secret letter sent by the Labour Government to the Libyans in 2008 advising them on options for compassionate release.

[...] The BBC had behaved appallingly throughout its coverage of the Megrahi release.  It had allowed and promoted claims that were demonstrably false.  The coverage marked the moment the corporation moved from a respected news organisation into an institutionally anti-SNP entity.  In Scotland this institutional corruption would lead to an appallingly one sided coverage of Scottish politics that tainted the independence referendum.