mercredi 26 août 2015

Scotland’s Propaganda War: The Media and the 2014 Independence Referendum

Scotland’s Propaganda War: 
The Media and the 2014 
Independence Referendum
How biased were the Scottish and UK Media?
Why they were biased?
Why did it matter in 2014?
Why will it matter less next time?

Professor John Robertson, of University of the West of Scotland, provides a detailed account of the role the Scottish and UK media played in the Scottish Referendum Campaign. The book is based on his own research, which triggered a heated dispute with BBC Scotland, a summons to the Scottish Parliament and a storm of debate in social media. It also presents research by other academics and gives explanations for the findings from prominent theorists such as Noam Chomsky.

Originally contracted to Welsh Academic Press in September 2014, the book is now released into the public domain after several infuriating delays and barriers of an inexplicable nature.

This account of media bias in the coverage of the Scottish Referendum campaign goes beyond more journalistic impressions, from practitioners within the industry, to explain why it was so. It does this by revealing the true nature of influences on our media which are the result of unequal access to education and the interlocking of the resultant elites in finance, in ownership, in commercial directorships, in media directorships, in senior post-holders in journalism, in university leadership including professors, and, uniquely in Scotland, in the elites leading the Scottish and UK Labour parties.

With love for Scotland and all its people and places 
- John Robertson, 24th August 2015.
  • Introduction: The Scottish Independence Referendum and the Media 5
  • Evidence of Bias in the Scottish and UK Broadcast Coverage 15
  • Evidence of Bias in the Scottish and UK Press Coverage 69
  • Social Media in Scotland and the Yes/No Campaigns 80
  • Covering the Scottish Referendum: ‘What the Public Wanted’ or Propaganda? 93
  • Media Effects: How Much Were the Voters Influenced? 131
  • Scottish Politics and Media after September 2014, Creating a more Democratic Scotland? 149