mercredi 26 novembre 2014

BBC Scotland holds its breath on Holyrood accountability

BBC Scotland holds its breath 
on Holyrood accountability

Pacific Quay insider considers what the Smith Commission might say about Scottish broadcasting 
(26 Nov 2014)

Here in BBC Scotland very close attention will be paid to Lord Smith’s report this week.

The rest of the world may be rightly concerned about the high politics, and the detail of fiscal and welfare devolution. Our news department and its hangers-on will be telling the story in their usual way. The audience will have no problem discerning the Labour line, plus whatever the SNP government spinners have told Brian Taylor.

But here in the heart of Pacific Quay, and at BBC HQ in West One, all-knowing eyes will be searching furiously for a single little paragraph: Will there be any sort of devolution of broadcasting?

[...] I’ll tell you more about this all later, but the key point ahead of the Smith report is that Boothman, and possibly his boss, were allegedly kept in place by the BBC’s “big bosses” because of their Labour connections, and the value of that to the No campaign.

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